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Persona 5 casino red panel


persona 5 casino red panel

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Persona 5 Casino Red Panel Video

Persona 5 - 10/30 Niijima's Palace: Find The Red Panel: Dice Game Area Saferoom, SOMA, Combat

panel red persona casino 5 -

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Persona 5 casino red panel -

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Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account? Sign up for free! Where's the red control panel in the sixth palace?

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Boards Persona 5 Where's the red control panel in the sixth palace? On the left near the entrance to that area, the place where you go in and a shadow forces you to battle with him.

Thanks, it did blend in for me. May 9, 1: I suggest you to try this method: May 30, April 12, 2: April 11, April 15, 3: The reflects and everything else.

Did the first lot of dice game and won a couple of thousand. April 11, 7: There's a chest behind the door, so grab it before continuing on. Right when you go past the door, past the blue flashing square that you walk through, there will be a split in the path.

If you choose to go towards the exit, you'll know you're going the right way when you head through two doors and then come across a ramp with yellow lights.

Climb onto the ramp and go through the duct at the top of it. It'll be hard to navigate since it's pitch black, but it's not a long tunnel.

You'll go left and then right. Looking backwards can help. The door to the left is the exit but the door to the north will take you down two paths, one that goes to treasure and one that opens the locked door near the entrance from before.

After a short dialogue between the Phantom Thieves and the game's host, head through the duct on the south wall. Upon reaching the other side, you can go unlock the door that you previously weren't able to go.

Otherwise, continue down the path, head down the stairs, and up to the other side to get to the door. The crates you can climb are simply a slightly alternate route to the same door.

Once through the door, hit the switch to remove the card block from the hall. Head through the door at the end of the hall and you'll see a safe room and the Shadow.

When you're ready, fight the Shadow to get your prize. It's a tougher fight than the previous enemies you've faced and has no weaknesses that we were able to find let us know if there is one!

When you're back in the lobby, be sure to save in the safe room and heal up before heading to the Battle Arena. There is also a safe room in this area, so be sure to get it after speaking to the first Shadow.

You have to do this game second as it costs 10, coins for an entry fee. The payout, however, is , When you're ready, speak to the receptionist and sign up for the arena.

Only Joker will be going into the fights, so prepare well. The fights will be easier than normal ones at first, but they will get progressively harder.

We highly recommend you bring the Persona Rangda Magician into the Arena as well as something with an Electric resistance or better.

Rangda can be found in the House of Darkness. Right from the start, they'll cheat. You'll be facing two Shadows rather than just one.

However, if you have Rangda Magician , they'll be helpless against you and you can take them down with melee attacks alone.

Since this is only the first fight, the enemies will sometimes not attack you. If you have Rangda, enable Rush mode and you'll get through it quickly enough.

They can only use physical moves and will kill themselves off of your Rangda's reflect. They reflect Physical and Ranged attacks but are weak to Electricity and Bless skills.

Your final fight will be against Thor himself, also known as Thunder Emperor. It uses physical attacks and Electric attacks, so if you're using Rangda, you'll need to switch about every other turn.

If it Charges , prepare for Megaton Raid, a severe Physical skill by either equipping Rangda or something like it or blocking the turn after it charges as it will wait for one extra turn.

If it Concentrates , equip a Persona with an Electric resistance or better as it's about to use Ziodyne, a heavy Electric skill.

Just like before, it will wait a turn after using Concentrate before attacking you. The Thunder Emperor is also weak to Psychic skills.

After a brief cutscene, deposit your coins to lower the bridge. Cross the bridge of scales and you'll find out where Sae's treasure is and have your Infiltration Route secured!

However, since you have 10, chips left to spend, it's best not to let them go to waste. You can go to the stores on both the Member's and High Limit Floors and purchase all of the rare items they have including a Soma.

This time, things are a little different. This will be done automatically during the story. This guide will continue here, but you may also continue it on the page for November Make your way into the Palace and up to where the treasure was.

Since it's no longer there, you'll need to go up the stairs in the treasure room and up the lift to face off against Shadow Sae.

To start, attack Sae until she starts up the roulette table with her Roulette Time ability. However, she will then warn you that violence will no longer be tolerated.

Do not attack her during the spinning of the table or she'll take away whatever the "bet" is noted as. At the start, it will be your health. Simply guard until you are prompted to do otherwise.

You will then be asked to bet. For this first bet, it does not matter as the game is rigged in Sae's favour. You'll need to expose that. In short for the betting, a risky bet will have you bet in favour of one-third of the numbers and will take or give more of a reward while a safe bet will have you bet in favour of half of the numbers while yielding a lower payout.

For this first bet, pick a low bet so you don't lose as much. Did you catch that? You should have won, but something stopped the ball from landing in the pocket.

It had a shine to it, so it was most likely a glass lid! Point that out and you'll be able to send someone to break the glass on your next bet.

Once again, guard until you're asked to bet. This time, bet for a higher payout as you're guaranteed to win if you sent someone to shoot the lid.

It does not matter how you bet, you'll win regardless. Shadow Niijima has taken her true combat form! Now the real fight begins.

Overall, Shadow Niijima isn't very difficult of a fight, but it's the roulette table the might hinder you. When you get her down between one-quarter and one-third of her health and then down between half health and two-thirds, she'll use Roulette Time to spin the roulette table.

Once again, do not attack her when the table is spinning unless you are willing to lose all but one of your health.

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